Mike Sukhram - Investment Advisor
My practice is a mix of people saving for retirement and retirees who are busier than ever - between grand-kids, the cottage and family vacations. I also have a contingent of business owners who are passionate about what they do and never plan on retiring.
My clients may have different backgrounds and different goals, but they have one thing in common - they are all successful savers and investors.  

What made them successful was they set a goal, created a plan to achieve it and set about doing it.  

I guide them along the right path to achieving their financial goals.
Mike Sukhram, MBA, FMA, PFP, CIM
I focus on helping my clients build their investment portfolios and reducing the tax burden on retirement income and estate transfers.
As you know, the more you make the higher your taxes, and the more you accumulate, the larger your tax liability.

Keeping up with constantly changing tax rules is therefore important. 

Doing that while trying to generate income in this low-interest rate environment, investing in the emotional roller coaster of the stock market, and trying to figure out all your investment options can lead to doing nothing or doing the wrong thing.

My focus is to make sense of it all and create a workable plan for you.
Mike Sukhram - Investment Advisor
Mike Sukhram
I focus on helping my clients build their investment portfolios and reducing the tax burden on retirement income and estate transfers.
As you know, the more you make the higher your taxes, and the more you accumulate, the larger your tax liability.
Keeping up with constantly changing tax rules is therefore important.
Doing that while trying to generate income in this low-interest rate environment, investing in the emotional roller coaster of the stock market, and trying to figure out all your investment options can lead to doing nothing or the doing wrong thing.
My focus is to make sense of it all and create a workable plan for you.
Mike Sukhram, Investment Adviser
I am here to take away the burden of managing all components of a financial plan on your own, allowing you to spend time on the things that matter, like your family, travelling, or favourite hobby. 
To do this effectively I work with a team of tax specialists and investment professionals who assist me in customizing the wealth management strategies for my clients. 

The strategies are customized to your situation. No off-the-rack planning here. And since customization requires a higher degree of collaboration, you will hear from me often.

I am committed to helping you build and maintain your wealth.
CSI Chartered Investment Manager Designation
CSI Personal Financial Planner Designation
CSI Estate Planning & Trust Strategy Certificate
CSI Advanced Investment Advice Certificate
Typical client
Steve & janet
Interested in Wealth Accumulation
  • They both have successful jobs
  •  and they are looking forward to retirement
  •  They are not members of a Defined Benefit Pension Plan, but have been saving throughout their careers contributing to their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), and have accumulated a nest egg of $500k+. 
  • Now that their children are just about finished university, they are motivated to start contributing more to their retirement plan.
  • They are willing to assume some of the associated risk of market uncertainty in exchange for greater income potential.
  • They are also trying their best to avoid or reduce debt.
  • They enjoy entertaining family and friends at home and traveling to the Caribbean for their vacations.
  • The majority of their savings used to be through their employer sponsored plan and investing with a major Canadian bank. They felt that even though they had someone to speak with on the phone or in the branch, it was on a superficial level and they were not confident in one-size fits all approach. They wanted a long-term trusted adviser who would tailor an investment strategy around their situation and objectives. They prefer independent advice that allows them to participate and learn more about various investment options.
tanya & brian
Unlocking Corporate Assets
  • They are incorporated-business owners
  • but don't have a definitive plan to retire
  • They are hoping to eventually leave their business to their adult children or sell it. They maximize their RRSP and TFSA contributions each year but the bulk of their retirement savings are actually invested within their corporation.
  • They are concerned about recent changes in legislation increasing taxation on passive income above $50k. They feel unfairly taxed.
  • They want tax-effective solutions for the money invested in their corporation and the transfer or sale of the company.
  • Risk management is also important in the case of death or illness.
  • They spend a lot of time in their business, but have a lot of flexibility to go to the cottage and travel outside of the country.
  • The majority of their savings are accumulating in their corporate accounts and they are now interested in setting up a Personal or Individual Pension Plan. This allows them to create a guaranteed income stream for life along with the taxation and estate benefits that are of tremendous value to them and their family members who are part of the business. They appreciate the coordination of their accounting and investing advice into a unified strategy that will allow them to meet their objectives in a tax-efficient manner.
richard & dorothy
Wealth Preservation
  • They are enjoying retirement
  • and are looking to maintain their savings
  • They want to maintain their lifestyle without compromise and eventually leave an inheritance to their children. They have now converted their RRSPs and LIRAs to RIFs and LIFs and are receiving income from their investments.
  • They prefer stable investments and are interested in ways to reduce taxes on investment income while maintaining government benefits.
  • They want strategies that will generate tax-efficient income and a tax-effective strategy to leave their estate to their children.
  • They are seeking income in a low rate environment.
  • Most of their time is spent with family, grand-children (and their doctors) in between home and their cottage.
  • There is a lot of interest in downsizing to unlock the value of their principal residence and invest. This represents a sizable portion of their assets along with their accumulated savings in RIFs and LIFs. Lifestyle consideration is important as are retirement cash flow and estate planning strategies. The number one thing my clients want is to ensure that each of their children receive their fair share of assets from the estate. They also want to know that their grand-children's education is properly funded.
Asset Size Minimum
Unique Advantages of an Account at NPW
  • Householding of Assets: We household assets of family members independent of address. Thus immediate family who don't live with you such as your adult children, siblings and parents can pool their investments under one household and benefit from a lower investment cost. And, there is no sharing of account information among members unless requested.
  • Non-Resident Accounts: We can open accounts for individuals living outside of Canada (from approved list of countries). This is particularly useful to our client's who's family members reside outside of Canada.
  • Invest and trade in up to 16 different currencies: You can hold assets in the currency of your preference with competitive exchange rates.
All Canadian resident clients have access to GICs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, segregated funds, indexed funds, exchange traded funds, platform traded funds, exchange traded notes and exchange traded receipts in registered and non-registered accounts. 

Non-resident clients are restricted to holding individual securities such as stocks and bonds in non-registered accounts.

More knowledgeable and higher net-worth clients may have access to alternative strategies such as options (puts, calls and combinations), ability to trade on margin, liquid alternatives, offering memorandum products, principal protected notes, initial public offerings and private equity placements.
We were with another financial company for the better part of 16 years, after having some issues and loss of trust, we were advised to speak with Mike Sukhram. Mike made us feel more secure and we have been with him a number of years now. We are extremely happy with his frequent contact and advice. He has surpassed our expectations of the relationship one should have with their financial advisor. 

Mike truly takes the time to really know his clients which gives us every confidence that not just our financial goals are well understood but also our comfort level. He regularly provides updates and has always been available to answer any questions or to explain options within our portfolio(s). He has guided us well during and post the 2008 financial crisis and has been most careful in this current Trump bull market. Mike is constantly learning and taking meetings with Portfolio managers and understands needs assessment and has the Product and Service knowledge to help his clients succeed.
- AS and PS, Brampton, ON

When I attended Mike's seminars, I realized that I had a lot to learn about investments, wills, legacy and much more.  

Mike's easy-going manner and very obvious knowledge of the money market and estate planning convinced me that he could keep my investments safe for my golden years as well as make my portfolio grow. 

He has restored my faith in the Financial advisor/planner profession. 

I am thankful for his hard work and dedication to his clients. 
-AP, Brampton 

Hi Mike, 

I want to say thank you for the professional service you have displayed towards both myself and wife.

The professionalism, knowledge, and attention given to our portfolio was second to none. Your approachable style and followup on our requests at times made it easy and comfortable to deal with you. My investments have performed well based on our discussions and strategies, and on your recommendations. 

Thank you again and look forward to our continued business relationship. 

- Desmond P., North York

I met Mike Sukhram back in 2009 when I was looking to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan account. I quickly learned that despite the account being available for about a year, only one of Canada's banks was able to open one and only senior advisors could handle such transactions. Enter Mike Sukhram. 

Mike soon became a valued member of my "health team" as he was handling my future financial well-being and allowing me to put a lot of my anxieties to rest. Before long, he became my mother's financial advisor as well. He is now my parents' financial advisor and he has helped my sisters out by providing important information when they were buying their homes and planning their financial futures.

Mike has done a wonderful job handling my affairs. He is always ready to make a stop at my house for a meeting or if my signature is needed. Since my mobility has often been an issue, his willingness and ability to make things easier for me has been indispensable.

His expertise is far reaching and ever growing as he never shies away from studying and learning new things. I really appreciate that he is always encouraging me to ask questions or to seek clarification with him when I become confused with financial jargon in documents that I receive. He is always quick with responses to my emails even though I tend to be overly loquacious!

He is someone that I truly trust and rely on and I have no qualms recommending him to family and friends and anyone who will listen. He values his clients and his dedication and drive assures that he takes care of all of them just like I am sure he cares for his own family members.
Jeanette, Brampton, ON 

Mike was my financial advisor at my major bank.

When Mike moved over to Nour Private Wealth, I just had to move my investment portfolio along with Mike.

Mike is an attentive, persistent, and diligent person, He goes above and beyond my expectations. He is very knowledgeable and has extremely good insight to investing. He responds very quickly to my inquiries and needs.

He is soft spoken, courteous, but makes his recommendations in a great explanatory manner, and spends a lot of time comparing results and options, just to make sure that is what I want.
- Alex, L., Etobicoke

Mike is very knowledgeable in financial products and carefully analyzes client needs and recommends suitable products. Mike is always available to discuss changing needs and circumstances to accommodate his clients. I am very confident in recommending Mike he is a very dedicated financial planner and investment advisor.
- Ruth S., Newmarket

Mike is a reliable financial advisor. He has an excellent focus on his client's issues and has the determination to resolve any concerns that arise in a timely manner. He has a strong ability to address his client's concerns on such short notice and this is shown by putting his own task aside to accomplish customer satisfaction.
- Luisa S., Brampton

Mike has consistently made himself available to provide me with information to reorder my finances and has been timely and responsive with requests for assistance in between our yearly reviews.
- Kathryn L., Caledon

Mike Sukhram is an integrity based wealth management expert whose goal is not only to increase your wealth, but to improve your level of understanding in your finances. He is interested in getting to know you and helping inspire and support your dreams and encouraging you to follow a plan that will enhance your chances of success. He simplifies what you need to do now, the whys for now and the long run. 
- Kate U., Mississauga

Mike is dedicated to what he does - providing insight for all his clients and building wealth with clients. Being one of his clients, I often received lots of financial information to keep my portfolio up-to-date and he always made me well informed on the trend of global economy. He's passionate on what he does!
- Morgan L., Mississauga

You have to work with Mike to realize the real benefit of financial planning. His consultative approach, friendly attitude belies his expertise in this field. He does a complete analysis of your current situation and with, intuition and industry knowledge, will chart your way to financial comfort and independence. I would highly recommend his services, even if it is for a second opinion. You owe it to yourself!
- John K., Mississauga