Wealth Management
You are different, your financial strategy should be too.

What is your main financial concern today? .

What stage are you at now?

You are either contributing to and/or trying to grow your investments.

You are also at an income and asset level where you need more than basic investment advice. 

You recognize tax planning is an important component of investment management and are at the level where professional advice is beneficial.

I can best help if you are 15 years or closer to retirement, by forecasting the size of your investment portfolio at retirement along with a time to depletion analysis. This will help you make the right decisions today.

What is your employment type?

Most individuals save for retirement in their RRSP or TFSA. There is limited tax reduction strategies for employees. However, there are many employer sponsored retirement and health benefit plans that may be available to you.

As an employee, you may be participating your employer's Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution Plan, Group RRSP, Deferred Profit Sharing Plan.

If you are at the executive level you may be participating in a Retirement Compensation Agreement or an Individual Pension Plan.

If you are contemplating leaving your employer, you may be considering transferring these employer sponsored retirement plans to your control in a Locked-In type plan such as a LIRA.

A key consideration is - 
can you replicate or do better than the pension plan you are leaving?

This is where I can help in addition to coordinating the investment strategy among the Locked-In accounts, RRSP, TFSA and Non-Registered Accounts.

If you would like to find out how I can help you, 

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What is your main financial concern today?
Having enough money to retire on
Generating an income stream from my investments
Passing on my assets to my family when I die.

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