Life Insurance
Life Insurance is highly customizable and useful not only after you die, but also while you are alive. 
It allows you to both build and maintain your wealth.
Basic Needs
Term insurance offers affordable short-term coverage to cover specific needs.
  • Mortgage and debt protection
  • Income replacement
  • Coverage for final expenses
  • Financial security for your family's future
  • Estate planning
Term Insurance explained in 2 minutes!
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Comprehensive Needs
Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance combines insurance, savings and investments. They are ideal for individuals who have maximized their registered accounts contributions and are accumulating money in non-registered accounts.
  • Accumulate wealth and defer taxes
  • Leave proceeds from the policy tax-free
  • Pass funds to the next generation
  • Secure collateral for a loan
  • Compliment retirement income
  • Optimize estate planning
Business Needs
Business owners who are concerned about continuity after retirement or death, benefit tremendously from a properly structured insurance strategy. These strategies allow for an orderly transition of the business after death and also provide useful source of funding while alive.
  • Partner/shareholder buyouts
  • Funding Capital Dividend Account
  • Protect the business and maintain access to cash
  • Pass on value accrued in a private company
  • Secure collateral for a loan
  • Pay off tax liability at time of death
  • Leverage tax-advantaged management of extra assets
  • Purchase additional insurance based on the value of your business without providing medical evidence of insurability