Financial Planning
An Integrated Approach
In creating your personalized financial plan, we take into account multiple factors, including investment goals, risk tolerance, tax exposure, estate options and legal considerations. Using an integrated team approach, we provide specialized investment managers, tax lawyers, estate planners and accountants to create a financial plan unique to you. 
No Financial Plan Lasts Forever
The parameters affecting your wealth, such as market conditions, interest rates, tax and estate laws, periodically change. Through frequent interactions with our clients, we bring timely information to you that can potentially affect your plan. 

Personal circumstances are constantly in flux too, with factors like an inheritance, a change of career, marriage, retirement, a birth or death having major consequences for your finances. It is our role to keep up-to-date about the different stages of your life in order to incorporate any changes into your dedicated financial plan.
Tax Planning
Tax strategy plays a significant role in your overall financial plan. We regularly review the tax impact on retirement accounts and non-registered portfolio holdings for our clients. Minimizing the tax burden of your portfolio demands a thorough knowledge of complex Canadian tax laws and how they impact your particular circumstances. 

To supplement our expertise in taxation, we routinely use tax lawyers to construct an ideal plan for each client. These services include, but are not limited to: incorporating professionals, family trusts, spousal trust, holding companies and estate freezes.
Retirement Planning
Understanding and managing the financial implications of your retirement is one of the most complex financial challenges you will ever face. Our financial analysis begins with analyzing the structure of your retirement savings (registered versus non-registered), projecting your retirement income, and finally, advising you on the tax ramifications of your situation. 

The results of this analysis will allow us to: 
  • Recommend strategies that best suit your income tax, investment, estate and cash flow planning situations.
  • Provide you with a retirement lifestyle analysis that will incorporate your sources of income, required and potential spending needs, various economic scenarios and tax considerations into a long-term cash flow plan.
  • Determine elections for your retirement plans, including lump sum payouts versus annuities and joint survivor versus single-life distribution arrangements.
Estate Planning
After a lifetime of diligent investing, proper estate planning will ensure all the hard work of building your estate will not go to waste. Our strategy will take care of your needs and eventually pass on your legacy to the next generation. 

Proper estate planning requires careful attention to your changing circumstances to ensure your wishes are fulfilled. Elements to be considered in your estate plan include investment planning, taxation, wills and mandates, living wills and trusts.
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